Garnishment & Exemptions

Garnishment is a common tool used by judgment creditors to collect the money that is owed. But Florida law provides exemptions to a creditor's ability to garnish.

Garnishments can be used to freeze bank accounts and to force employers to withhold money from paychecks. Yet, Florida Law provides exceptions to a creditor's ability to garnish either wages or bank accounts, and they are particular to the facts of each case.

The Peterson Law Firm, PA. has experience in prosecuting and defending garnishments in both the personal and corporate setting.

Garnishment Laws Only Provide a Limited Time to Act

Garnishments can be procedurally complicated, and the laws provide short time periods for the parties to act once the garnishment is initiated.

If you have been served with a garnishment, or if you believe you need to pursue a garnishment against another, call me to discuss your case.

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